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Aug 2008 In France - see more
May 2008 Wendy's birthday in Amsterdam - see slideshow
April 2008

Climbing Snowdon

Nov 2007 Boy and dog.
July 2007 Surfing in France.
July 2007
On holiday in France.
July 2006 George playing cricket at school.
Nov 2005
At Disneyland Paris
June 2005 George's first trout - caught within 10 minutes onhis first ever fishing trip to a secluded loch on Coll.
Sept 2004 Phoning Gigi from Gibraltar to wish her a happy birthday. For more Gib pics, click here.
Summer 2004 Displaying his England Kit.
Summer 2004 With Scoobie
Summer 2004 In the garden
August 2003 George playing cricket. Summer holiday 2003.
July 2003 In the apple tree
July 2003 George and Duck (who adores him!)
June 2002
George outside a smelly cheese shop in Portugal
September 2001
George on the morning for his first day at school
Click here to hear George's version of "Twinkle Twinkle" and comments on Daddy's modelling skills
August 2001
George on a canal trip in Birmingham
July 2001
George and Freddie in the (well teathered) dingy on holiday in Cornwall.
May 2001

George and Freddie at nursery

Click here to listen to George singing "twinkle twinkle"

By the Thames
May 2001
George on a picnic by the Thames at Remenam - an area Adar knows well from Henley days.
Pulling Freddie along
May 2001
George towing Freddie down the towpath! See Freddie's pictures for the other version.
It's a thunderbird
October 2000
George's 4th Birthday, dressed as John Tracey (his favourite Thunderbird)
August 2000
George and Freddie on a sandcastle
George playing cricket
August 2000
George playing cricket on Trebarwith Strand beach down in Cornwall on the annual migration.
At the submarine Museum
July 2000
George and Daddy diving the submarine at Grandad's Submarine Museum.
Dec 1999
George "sledging" at Monkton Combe in the pre-Christmas snow.


August 1999

In August George and I went off on an ferry to see the eclipse. Click here to see the eclipse photos.
Geroge and erm
August 1999
George and Erm (Urm? Amanda, can you let me know how you spell your dog's name!) at Sandhurst when we stayed with Amanda and Will for the weekend.

Bath in a Sainsury's box

April 1999

Having a bath at Rozz and Graham's in Devon. I always knew that Sainbury's box would come in handy somewhere!

George emptying the sea

Aug 1998

George on the beach at Polzeath on our summer holiday. He's trying to empty out a puddle with his bucket.

George and Adar on holiday

Aug 1998

George and Adar (Grandfather) on holiday in Cornwall

George on Boat 1998

Jun 1998

George on the river Avon, in our boat

Geroge 1998

Jan 1998

George by Midford Brook in Monkton Combe near Bath