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Aug 2008 "Do as you're told or else......"
Aug 2008 In France - see more
July 2008 With Amber at Legoland - see more
Nov 2007
The first time Freddie used his new hearing aids plugged directly into his Ipod! To read more about his audiology saga, click here.
Jun 2007
Freddie with his best friend and Samuel
Mar 2007
On holiday at Center Parcs
    Click here for a photo montage Freddie 0 to 8.
Dec 2006 Freddie was a Dancing Shepherd in his school nativity play - click here for a short movie.
Nov 2005
Freddie at Disneyland Paris
June 2005 On holiday on Coll, Scotland.
Oct 2004 At school.
August 2004 George and Freddie playing cricket on holiday in Rock - camping.
July 2004 With Adar
Dec 2003 Freddie's 5th Birthday - click here for more pics
Sept 2003 Freddie's first day at school with George, Connor and Lewis. Click here for more photos.
Aug 2003
Freddie's last day at nursery - click here for more pictures
July 2003
Freddie with Sam - click here for more pictures of Sam
July 2003
In the pool
July 2003
Very wet!
July 2003
George, Freddie and Lewis in the pool
July 2003
Eating supper
July 2002 Playing tennis - in a force 7 Gale half way across the Bay of Biscay! The following few photos were all taken on our cruise summer 2002.
July 2002 Sunbathing
July 2002 Ready for tea - on cruise
July 2002 Freddie familiarises himself with silver service!
December 2001
Freddie with Daddy inspecting his Christmas presents on Christmas day
August 2001 George and Freddie in the (well teathered!) dingy on holiday.
August 2001
Austin (cousin) Freddie and George sitting on boxes in Granny and Adar's garden in the summer.
Freddie and Bunnie
August 2001
On Bristol Branch DSA outing to Noah's Arc, a farm near Bristol
May 2001
George and Freddie at nursery
May 2001
Walking! - but before getting too excited, look at George's photos to see what happened just after...
December 2000
Freddie's second birthday. He's wondering where everyone's gone - he's been eating for over an hour at this point - but why not, it's his Birthday Party!
August 2000 "Moulle Marinier". Freddie looking like he's selecting his lunch from the rocks.
August 2000 Not approving of windsurfing! Note that Granny (behind Freddie) is a windsurfing instructer, and is far faster and better than most of the youth out on the water.
August 2000 Freddie surfing - assisted by Mummy, watched by Granny
Freddie, Bristol Evening Post
June 2000 Fame at last :-) Freddie features on an entire page of the Bristol Evening Post for Downs Syndrome Awareness week. Click here to read the article and find out more.
Freddie standing up
February 2000 "Hey, look, I can stand up!"
Poppa's 90th Birthday
January 2000
At Poppa's 90th Birthday party in Harting Village Hall. The youngest members of the family. Left to right, Freddie Tall, Austin Burnand and Gus Griffiths.
Freddie in the swing of things
January 2000
In the swing near Granny and Adar's house
December 1999
Freddie doing a Boogie Buggie the snow just before Christmas
Investigating the dinosaur
August 1999
Freddie and cousin Baby Austin examining a dinosaur. "Do you think it will bite?"
August 1999
Freddie on holiday

George and Freddie 1999

May 1999

George and Freddie playing

Freddie at home

Feb 1999

Freddie at 3 months, peering over the side of his nest (he's watching the telly!)

Freddie's Chromosomes

Dec 1998

FREDDIE'S CHROMOSOMES! Not something everyone has in their photo album. This is a copy of a picture from the Genetics Department at Bristol Childrens hospital. You can clearly see his "enhanced" chromosome 21. To read more about Downs Syndrome, see the links on the left or our local area website.

Freddie in SCBU

Dec 1998

1st December 1998, Frederick Nicholas Richard Tall born. This photo was taken in the Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael's hospital in Bristol. To read more about Freddie's Downs Syndrome and how he's getting on, click here.