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Aug 2008 With Freddie in France on holiday - more pics
July 2007
Capturing an alligator in France.
July 2006
On a cruise on the QE2
November 2004 New beard!
Dec 2003 Thought it was about time we had an updated photo - this is the official work one from TLT Solicitors
September 2002 On the cruise
September 2001
Click here to hear Daddy (and friends) on the ansaphone!
April 2001
First leg of Eccelin world tour. All looks calm in this photo, but see the full log for what hit us later!
Disneyland Paris
January 2001
George and Daddy being submariners at Disneyland Paris. Click here for all the photos
October 2000
Read all about it, Daddy makes it into the News - articles in Western Daily Press, Evening Post and Law Society Gazette no less. Click here to read article.
August 2000
In Gibraltar. Click here to see the full photo album with all the Gib pictures.

August 1999

George and Richard on the cliff above the beach at Polzeath, Cornwall on our summer holiday
July 1999
Richard (far right) at the HMS FLYING FOX annual cocktail party, surreptitiously having photo taken at side of Simon Gaskin. Richard's badge is a submarine badge from his full time navy days. The stupid grimace is by all accounts deliberate.

George and Daddy

July 1998

Daddy and George outside the Shakey, pub next to Richard's office, otherwise known as "meeting room 63"

Picnic and Midford, Bath

May 1998

Richard, George and Freddy Cat on a picnic by Midford Brook in Monkton Combe, near Bath.