Pics from Cruise - Aurora 2002


Photos from around the ship


The theatre - seats 600.


Champions bar - were we watched Wimbledon (weather permitting) and had most pre-dinner drinks.


Our cabin


The terraces, and one of 3 pools (this one was the best)


The deck by the Crystal pool - Richard and George bringing lunch


The Alexandria Restaurant - totally faultless.  In the photo, Freddie is becoming accustomed to silver service.



What we did


Sunbathed - Freddie after a tiring swim.

Relaxed on deck with evening drinks! - George, leaving Lisbon



Collected streamers as we left Southampton



Played Table tennis

Ate lots of food!  This is children's tea, Freddie is wearing a hat he made earlier in the day (and didn’t want to take off)

George had swimming lessons every day and went from swimming in arm bands to doing almost a whole width with none! (Note, two instructors when this pic was taken)

Swam for fun! (Freddie in turtle)


Sat outside amazing port and cheese shops in Lisbon because it was "too smelly" to go in!


Ate in fantastic restaurants, picked at random, while ashore.


Played in Jumping Jacks (5 -8 year olds club)

George and Freddie in the soft play area…… 


………and in toybox (1 - 4years)


No photos of this, but the boys also had a wonderful time in the night nursery and slumber parties, where they were left at 6:00pm, and picked up again, asleep at 02:00 - if we could keep going that long!


We played tennis - going over the Bay of Biscay in a force 7 (look at the net!)


…and deck quoits

And after all that, we did a fair amount of sleeping (I did get him a bed guard the next night!)




Photos of us


Richard and I having pre-dinner cocktails


Me - on the tender going over to Guernsey - photo by George.


Richard, before dinner


Annabel before dinner



Freddie in Lisbon


Freddie waiting for food.


All of us in front of Aurora in Vigo

George in Lisbon






Where we went


Port 1 - Vigo -"twinned with Beirut?" Extraordinary 1960 communist architecture.


Port 2 - Lisbon - Beautiful.


Port 3 - La Rochelle, where we failed to take any photos.


Port 4 - Guernsey.  I didn't take any pictures in Guernsey, so here's Aurora from the tender on the way over. Been before, normally fantastic, but not recommended on a Sunday.