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May 2007 Pink joins the family. More here.
Aug 2006
Winston joins the family
July 2006
Scoobie sadly died. Montage of Scoobie photos - wmv
Scoobie on holiday
August 2000 Scoobie on the beach on holiday.
Scoobie with Bob and Duck.
July 1999 Scoobie with Bob and Duck


August 1998

Scoobie is our three legged RSPCA rescue dog. She lost one of her front legs in a car accident and had to be taken away from her original owner as she kept being run over.



July 2006
Moppie cat, who came to stay with us when my cousin went abroad. Sadly, after a very happy year, she died.
July 2003
July 2003
July 2003
Freddie cat
Bob and Duck
July 1999 Bob and Duck arrive

Freddy cat

Sept 1997

Freddy cat - caused some confusion after the arrival of Freddie baby! Freddy came from the Cat's Protection League in Portsmouth, He had been found wandering along the motorway when he was a kitten and was so dirty and horrible that no one wanted him- except us!

Small cat

Sept 1990

to June 1999

Small cat came from the PDSA in Pimlico London.